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granny humper 3 years ago
This old girl always reminds me of my mother-in-law. In public she was very stern but privately she was insatiable. She had the same build with tits that a 20 year old would love. We started fucking when she was 52 and I was 27 and it lasted for 8 wonderful years. Love these girls, they kniw exactly what they want and how to please their man. Her daughter was 3 ywars younger than me but was never a patch on her mum. Still love her to this day.
Robert 3 years ago
Nice clean pussy and nice tits.
Quarantined Cock 2 years ago
Hi everyone, look, it's professional pornstar Rob, and he's at it again. Rob has screwed thousands of grannies and they love him for it. Rob, like me, love older women especially grannies because we can cum inside them and never have to worry about getting them pregnant. They need our young hard dicks and we need them.
2 years ago
David 1 year ago
Id love to eat her till she soaked my face then let her ride this hard dick
Terrence Mueller 1 year ago
wanna eat my moms pussy
Danny 1 year ago
Nice body for her age
Troy Kansas City 1 year ago
When she is riding that cock her body looks gorgeous and that pussy is perfect I’d eat it then cum in it and eat it again
Granny Banger777 1 year ago
You can tell Granny Pixie enjoyed every second of that by the big smile on her face. Rob delivering a good fuck once again. I swear his cock spends more time inside Grannies pussies than it does out.
malanois 2 years ago
What's with this guy? He gets more ass than a toilet seat and he's not that hung !